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Altus is headquartered in Oklahoma, USA. It is a company that cultivates cannabis and creates a wide range of products for daily and casual use, and for therapeutic benefits. Altus offers special personalized strain choices based on customers’ preferences. “Altus” is a Latin word that means “noble, high, and profound” because the brand’s relationship with cannabis is deeply profound and highly personal. At Altus, users have access to a wide range of cannabis products. The brand sells sweet cannabis-infused gummies, skin gels, tablets, flowers (LED grown and hand trimmed​), and selections that help users cope with emotions and feelings. The tablets are vegan, dairy-, sugar-, and gluten-free, while the gummies are not vegan since they contain gelatin. Altus cultivates cannabis strains under special conditions with complete care and timely attention. The ingredients used in the preparations are carefully selected. The manufacturer uses 100% solvent-free strain-specific distillate in all products. It sells flowers in special glass jars to protect them from humidity excess sunlight, heat, and external impurities, and maintain quality.

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  1. Shiela

    From CBD tablets to skin gels, you will get high-quality products from Altus. They also have excellent customer care. I had a problem with my order once and they quickly responded and looked for a solution for my issue. Two thumbs up!

  2. Penny

    Yummy mango flavor! The taste is spot on and the prices are very reasonable

  3. Lance20

    Delicious gummies!!! quick shipping.

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