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Americanna was born in 2010 when the cannabis market started to expand considerably, regardless of the prevalence of low-quality marijuana products that were unsafely produced and lacked consistency. The company was born to offer affordable products that were not only safe but also consistent. They focus extensively on fixed-income communities, veterans with PTSD, and anyone who was concerned with the quality of the products they consumed. Americanna states that they aim to expand the choices available to all Americans, maintaining the finest quality and affordable prices. With that, they want to show the greatest part of their country: their capability and willingness to help others.

Among the products from Amricanna, it’s possible to find THC-powered high potent cartridges and classic pre-rolls. At the same time, the brand also presents a line of CBD tinctures. In manufacturing their tinctures the company involves NanoCann™ Technology that increases bioavailability of the products and helps better absorption. Moreover, Pure CBD Peppermint Tincture by this brand won the first prize at High Times Cannabis Cup 2018. Americanna uses only full-spectrum terpene profiles for ultimate flavors. They are thoroughly lab-tested and you can check out the lab results at their website.

They use only natural cannabis sourced from licensed farmers, which turns into medical-grade products. The cannabis processes through a CO2 extraction method in an appropriately licensed facility. Then, during the refinement, Americanna claims that they don’t use any BHO or harsh solvents. Moreover, the whole manufacturing process happens using rigorous methods and strict supervision, which leaves no place for impurities. With all of that, the end product becomes potent, consistent, and useful.

Another noticeable advantage of their cartridges is that they use Ceramic Cell technology. It consists of replacing cotton heating elements with ceramic, which increases the stability and prevents oil from burning too fast. There are more than 35 different terpenes used in their products. They translate into a full-flavor vapor that is not only as potent as possible but also brings benefits to consumers. The company has a no-compromise policy when it comes to the quality of its products and ingredients. To do this, they use savvy engineering and sophisticated, delicious flavors.

Also, the company has a line of apparel, which consists of hoodies, jackets, joggers, etc. The production from Americanna is available for purchase in dispensaries all around California. Unfortunately, shipping is currently unavailable.

User Reviews

  1. Asher

    Great products at a fair price. Americanna definitely knows how to cater to their customers needs. The products are powerful and live up to the hype. The customer support is also great. Overall, this is a great brand that is worth a try.

  2. Lucite

    Americanna offers the most flavorful vape that I have ever tried. This product is lit! I wouldnt forget to mention the fact that their vape cartridges are quite helpful when it comes to pain management. I can easily walk around the house and complete chores without feeling any pain.

  3. Peter

    I always have difficulty when it comes to sleep, I find myself waking up a lot at night. So a friend recommended that I try the Americanna classic joint for night. I must say that I havent slept soundly like I did after smoking this joint. I woke up feeling fresh and with no handovers at all. I really love this brand. I will be trying other of their products too.

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