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AMG is an abbreviation for American Made Glass. It is a USA-located small business that places focus on quality material. They have been in operation out of Reseda, California, with the help of local glass blowers. With their diverse products and great design, they have set a niche for themselves in the industry. They offer handmade pipes for your weed, and the design is thicker and resistant to cracking under extreme temperature changes.

Their production is known and appreciated for durable and solid products composed of thick and long-lasting materials.

Besides bongs and pipes, the brand offers a wide variety of other glass products. They are bubblers, hand pipes, steam rollers, bowls, and nug jars.

At the same time, they can suggest a range of unique handmade styles. AMG not only accounts for durability, but it also comes with a handmade variety of designs. It provides different shapes, colors, and most of them come with the logo "AMG.

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Reseda, California





User Reviews

  1. Angel2834

    AMG Glass is ms my go-to pipe store. They got several cool options to choose from with different sizes and colors. Choosing from their selection be like going to a candy store for pipes and rollers! I love them. ;)

  2. Koolkid

    Craftmanship is so gooood.

  3. Iamnice

    100% cool glass work

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