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Amsterdam Seed Center

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Founded in 2011, Amsterdam Seed Center was established with the mission of becoming the most reliable online marijuana seed bank. They also have a brick-and-mortar store located in Amsterdam that people can visit in person. Although Amsterdam Seed Center was founded around a decade ago, the cannabis professionals who run it have over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company carries seeds from over 40 top-rated breeders, including Dutch Passion, Paradise Seeds, and Serious Seeds. Amsterdam Seed Center has over 1200 seeds in their catalog suited for indoor growth, including feminized, autoflowering, regular, and CBD varieties. Some of their most popular strains include Auto AK47 from Serious Seeds, CBD Haze Auto from Top Tao Seeds, Sweet Cherry Pie from Sweet Seeds, and CBD God from BC Bud Depot. Because Amsterdam Seed Center sells seeds from other breeders, their products range in their quality, germination rates, and how they were produced in regard to sustainability.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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Amsterdam, North Holland


Luc Krol, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Leo

    I love the CBD and vapourizer range here. They leave very tranquilising effect after you are done. Couldnt ask for more than this!!

  2. Jasper

    I bought my LED lights and these seeds for indoor cultivation and they proved to bethe right combo. Got the best citrus strain ever and I cant stop boasting about Amsterdam Seed Center!

  3. Casting_Spells_2341

    The vapourizers make the smoke very quickly and youll be transported to heavens as soon as you take a few inhales in. A good stuff to fill your room with - especially if it is small like mine.

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