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Apothecanna is a skincare brand founded in 2009 that was the first to promote the cannabis trend in the beauty industry. It is known to provide all-natural beauty and wellness cannabis products. Apothecanna’s product line includes organic and wildcrafted essential oils sourced from around the world. Its products have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and nutritive properties that tone down inflammation. The brand uses originally-grown hemp and manufactures non-GMO products that have no artificial fillers or ingredients. They also have a discount program for military, responder, medical.

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Denver, Colorado


James Kennedy, CEO



User Reviews

  1. StupidCupid

    This cream helped me a lot especially when I am experiencing extreme body pain. As an athlete who is very likely to experience pain, I use this product in masssaging my muscles and tadah, works the best for me. This really is so far the best product that I tried because some doesnt really work at all.

  2. Nyork20

    It works well in easing discomfort in your body and treats dry skin!

  3. Lola7585

    It is not only good for muscle pains, but also for migraines!

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