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Apothecary Extracts originated in the year 2015 in Colorado. Their services have further extended to Oklahoma and Denver.

The best strains take shape in their farms that are spread in legal states throughout the United States. After growing the marijuana in Pueblo’s farms, they freeze the entire plant and make concentrates using Hydrogen and non-hydrogen methods. AE produces Ambrosia whole-plant extracts for different final product forms: batter, sugar, solventless hash oil, and concentrates, which are their main ones. Other cannabis products on the website also include shatter, wax, and sugar. In 2019, they were awarded 2nd place for Garlic Breath Ambrosia concentrate in the Cannabis Cup. In 2020 multiple awards in the Connoisseur Cup.

The company owns farms that are spread across the United States. The main processing and manufacturing activities take place in Pueblo West.

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  1. Doris

    The vapes were simply superb - had a dynamic look, no leaks and damage and the smoke they produce made me enjoy myself for a long time. Loved the product. Will tell everyone about Apothecary Farms

  2. Joan

    The vape catridges where not dried up as i experience before from other vendors. So I am happy. Great customer care, solved every query i had regarding the product.

  3. WithWings564

    Ambrosia is the ticket to heaven! Never felt the same with Amnesia of any other brand - it makes me breath and shrug off all the tensions and anxiety!

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