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Artisan Canna Cigars

About Artisan Canna Cigars

Artisan Canna Cigars was founded in 2016, debuting with the first-ever 100% cannabis cigar in California. Ever since its line-up has increased, and now, it includes lots of products, giving to the market premium flowers in different smokes (Thai sticks, hemp blunts, etc.). This brand guarantees that all cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy the smoking experience. The goods are handcrafted and hand-wrapped. They feature the best-quality terpene, rosin, and cannabinoid profiles. All ingredients are derived from organically grown plants. The brand’s attention to detail as well as superior craftsmanship reflects the commitment to delivering quality and timeless products to consumers.

Info & License

Available In

Indiana, California, California, California, California

License Number

C11-0001144-LIC, CDPH-10003270

HQ Location

United States, California





User Reviews

  1. Betsy F.

    The cigar production of this company impresses with its quality and safety for ordinary consumers and cannabis lovers. I really like these cigars. I like to sit in front of my house, look at the trees and smoke a cigar. There is something incredible about this

  2. Magnolia345

    I recently had my first experience of smoking artisan canna cigars with cannabis. The sensations are simply incredible, and the very process of smoking creates a strange and interesting atmosphere. My friends skillfully surprised me, the impressions will remain for a long time

  3. Stewart

    Its just a miracle to enjoy such a slow burning cannabis and inhale this incredible aroma. These cigars just drive me crazy. I adore them and advise all worthy connoisseurs of this product

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