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Ascend specializes in all-natural cannabis oils that are responsibly extracted and formulated. Their products are concentrated and contain only cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes for sophisticated flavor, aroma and enhanced entourage effect. The company uses the CO2 extraction method, which results in premium oils free of solvent, waxes, fats, and other products used to cut or dilute. Each batch is tested by a third-party lab and QC certified three times to ensure there are only compounds your body desires.

They offer a wide range of products such as vapes (Relax, Bliss, Relieve, and Active), HTE cartridges and drops, infused pre-rolls, CBD diamonds and sugar, extracts, etc.

Ascend is based in Denver, Colorado, and works with various vendors throughout the state. The company has built its reputation and won the 2020 MVP Award from the Colorado Cannabis Business Awards. It was also the recipient of the 1st place for CBD Diamonds and 1st place for Best Rec Vape Cartridge, and 2nd Runner Up for Best Overall at the 2018 THC Championship.

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I spent on indica strawberry edible. Nice one - definitely rich in the fruity flavor and high euphoria. All I can say are good things about Ascend. A trustable platform.

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Got the order i placed on time for me to enjoy it. Had a freind party i tried it first and herr is my own first expereince.

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Why are the dopes so lubb??? You guys are awesome! Make such strong and powerful strains - more and more. Worth evry penny I spent

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A very heart-warming sesh with my colleagues. In love with the blunts and will probably order more in the coming days.

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Courtney C.

Happy buyer here. It was a well organized shop with products categorized properly. Got some edibles and they tasted real good i couldn’t stop from eating that chocolate. The high CBD tablets worked their magic and I felt the effects they said I would experience. Many thanks from this happy customer.

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Lee Gregory

Thought this brand will be better than my old one. But the concentrate I got was far from what was promised. Product description said quick calming properties and overall quick relaxation, but this did not happen. I was looking forward to relaxing in bed but was wide awake for many hours. And the order wasnt even properly packaged. Not buying again since I am so disappointed.

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J. Aniston

I’ve tried many other brands in the past but for me Ascend is the best of them all. Other brands claimed to have potent products but they’re not up to task, often their oils don’t seem to be working. But this is not the case with Ascend.

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Gretchen Miller

The cream I purchased relieves me of my chronic back pain, its almost gone now so ill buy again

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honey 34

bought for a sesh with friends. we all loved our joints

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not sure id buy again. blunt i ordered aint dope

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Real great edibles

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R. Lopez

Amazing !!!

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Great dabs you have

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The great Taylor

buying again from this shop

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Tommy 643

Slow to deliver.

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Francine Lee

well done!!

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A. Anderson

great blunt

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