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Located in Washougal, WA, Bacon’s Buds is a family-run farm that produces naturally grown cannabis. The owner of the company is actually the master grower who, with the help of his family and friends, works hard to product top-shelf cannabis flowers and goods. All of the Bacon's Buds products are grown in organic soil, teemed with beneficial organisms to allow for optimal growth.

Why Choose Bacon's Buds

Grown in organic soil. All cannabis grown by Bacon's Buds is placed in certified organic soil which is then teemed with worms and other organisms to keep it well-mixed, aerated, and free of pests. This eliminates the need for using chemical pesticides.

Lab-tested. After producing a crop, the company tests each batch to make sure that it is in optimal, fully organic condition.

Plants are watered with natural water. To ensure that the plants are organic, Bacon's Buds uses solely natural spring water to grow their plants. The excess water is drained and recycled back into its original source, which adds to a more sustainable practice.

Energy Star rated insulation. To produce high-quality cannabis, the company utilizes Energy Star rated insulation, LEC vegetation lights, and water cooled A/C. This also minimizes the carbon footprint.

OMRI and WSDA certified. Bacon's Buds is OMRI and WSDA certified for organic production, natural bacteria, organic oils, and other beneficial organisms to prevent potential pests and pathogens from affecting their flowers.

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User Reviews

  1. Polly

    What I like the most of all of Bacons Buds products is that they are maximum clean and their quality is on the best level. Its very important for user and smokers like and it make us to be permanent clients of this company.

  2. Alisa

    There is nothing better than smoking Bacons Buds strain. One friend of mine gave it just to taste. I was so impressed. That was the best advice I ever received. Guys, you should choose this brand, you wont regret, Im sure

  3. Ally

    Im a fan of smoking cannabis and tried too many types of it. The most of all I like the strain of this company. Bacons Buds strain allows me to get great relaxation and all desirable feelings. I want smoke only Bacons Buds strain

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