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With about forty certified organic, biodynamic, medically tested premium herbs, Bear Blend provides its customers with an alternative method of enjoying their additive-free Rolliez, CBDs, and ceremonial blends. Manufacturers also provide lists of handcrafted herbs that make up each product, and these can be peppermint, mugwort, and calendula flowers. The company was established in 2016 in Oregon.

They cultivate their cannabis specifically for people who want to experience getting "high" without actually getting the mind-altering effect that comes with consuming cannabis. This brand is also big on giving its consumers various choices from which they can choose how they would like to take the product. Herbal blends can be vaporized, rolled, and even used when water bonging.

All products manufactured and sold by this company are made with 100% non-addictive, organic ingredients which are Oregon Tilth Certified. No trace of THC or tobacco can be found in Bear Blend's products. Their herbs are grown in soil, and when ready for harvesting, they are meticulously sifted and blended for its user's optimum usage.

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Las Vegas, Nevada


Anthony Bear, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Jacqueline

    I took this strain in the night and what a great feeling it has left me with. Next morning i was so fresh and full of energy to start a great day!

  2. Ressie

    My day starts with their strain blend and without it how do I sing to the songs on my stereo!??? The products are pure love and I can;t stop gushing about Bear blend to all my friends and family members! Very motivating strains are here!

  3. AubreyKK

    The tins weigh nothing at all and they are completely handy. We took them to the mountains where we were trekking smoked the perfect joints that took us right up to the stars!! Should dry at least once!

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