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Binske is a medical cannabis brand founded in 2015 by Jake Pasternack. Their products are made from premium artisan ingredients gathered from different parts of the world. Last year, Binske became the largest Marijuana brand in the world and now covers more than 50% of the legal marijuana market of the United States. They are professionals, and their activities center on human connection.

Corresponding to its wide-spread reputation, Binske presents a long list of products, such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, and even topicals. Their cosmetics don’t only relieve but have a pleasant fragrance because Binske adds rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender to all their topicals. Besides that, they provide a few uncommon products for the industry, for example, granola bars, fruit leather, or Pate de Fruit. Also, in the description of their production on the website, the customer may find a suggested musical pairing.

The company has connections all around the globe what provides excellent opportunities to create and develop its products. To deliver exceptional cannabis, Binske sources the finest ingredients from farms all around the world. Moreover, they have spent so much time gaining knowledge about the growth cycle and the right environmental condition that works perfectly for each natural ingredient.

Binske products deal with human connection, ensuring guests get a social experience that profits both the environment and community at large. At the same time, this brand ensures that customers are well attended. On their homepage are contacts – phone and email – where you can reach them to place an order or complaint.

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User Reviews

  1. topex_robex

    Oh but why oh why didn’t i know about this brand sooner? Would have spared me major frustrations and major money if I have tried your company first. I’m giving you great feedback to pay you back for the great products you gave me.

  2. avrakadavra

    Seems like so many growers, shops have sprouted these days claiming to provide premium products even if they don’t offer great flowers. Cannabis brands talk all the time, but this is the only one I’ve tried that deliver on its claims. Your buds are the real deal.

  3. harry granger

    Solid as solid can be. I’ve been disappointed too many times by other brands, but this one gave me high quality weeds. Tried its other products too and they are indeed premium. Keep doing what you do, giving us great cannabis and you can expect more orders from me.

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