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About Bird Valley Organics

Bird Valley Organics farms cannabis plants in Santa Cruz County, California, that are later turned into oils for relaxation and pain relief. The farm practices regenerative farming that reintroduces microbes into the soil with each pa ting season to eliminate the need for pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. The result is clean plants that yield clean oil that the company packages under five categories.

The five full-spectrum oils that Bird Valley packs are;

  • Body Relief – Relaxes sore muscles after a long day of physical activities since it’s rich in bisabolol.
  • Rest Relief – For recovery after surgery and a good alternative for opioids
  • Cremedy – Known to contribute to physical balance to those with locomotive challenges
  • Anytime Relief – Relieves restlessness, suppresses appetites, and eases tremors
  • High CBD - low in THC and rich in CBD

Cremedy placed first in the 2021 Emerald Cup Awards, while High CBD placed second. Founders Terry Sardinas & Manny Alvarez started this company in 2011. Sardinas shared the company’s journey with AskGrowers in a recent interview.

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