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Bjs A Grade

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BJS A-Grade is located in Ashland, Oregon. This is a cannabis manufacturing and distribution company that has been delivering top-notch weed to people in the area for over two decades. The employees at the company are all Oregon experts, proud to take part of a dedicated marijuana producer that has a great relationship with many OLCC licensed businesses.

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Ashland, Oregon





User Reviews

  1. HypercityGirl

    needed someone to deliver the product as quickly as possible because I was planning for a party and this platform played it well for me. Extremely trustworthy products

  2. JJ_34

    Im a regular user and even I was blown away by this product. It made me feel so calm, and so fresh that I had the time of my life after smoking it. I was even more impressed because the strain was concentrated enough to get me smashed in only a little amount.

  3. Derin

    Just for those who are looking for Nirvana. What an expereince..superb..I was extremely thankful that I found this stuff..its is shit ausome dude!

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