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Bonsai Cultivation

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As a reputable recreational cannabis company, Bonsai Cultivation users in Colorado with high-quality cannabis products. The cultivation facility makes use of CO2, custom rolling tables, automated feeding technology, and double-ended lighting. With a water chiller HVAC system in place, energy consumption is reduced by 1/3 and the company reclaims and uses over 1000 gallons of water that is produced by a dehumidification system.

The company is a winner of the THC Championships and High Times Cannabis Cups. The team of growers focuses on energy efficiency. With more than 25 years experience in the cannabis industry, Bonsai Cultivation has mastered the art of growing using the least amount of energy without sacrificing any amount of light or nutrients needed for plant growth. Some of the strains grown at Bonsai Cultivation include Sour Pie, Mandarin Cookies, Pucker, and GMO Cookies.

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User Reviews

  1. Mott

    Some of the most potent strains that I have ever come across. Bonsai has a great growing technique that ensures that the quality of their strains is consistently maintained. I have ordered from them twice now and everything is smooth as I expected. A great company with quality plants.

  2. Katie

    Bonsai Cultivation is a premium company that never fails to deliver. They have high-quality strains that are quite potent and resistant to most pests and diseases. I have been buying from them for the last two years and everything has been smooth.

  3. Douglas

    It was my first time placing an order at Bonsai Cultivation and I am pleased. The package arrived on time and it was well packed. I had a great experience with this brand, thanks to their helpful customer support service. I will be buying more from them in the near future.

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