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Botany Farms was established in 2019 by Dylan Savage & Lauren Ward. With years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, both founders realized there weren’t any companies in the space producing boutique-style hemp flower at an affordable price.

Botany Farms offers a high-quality selection of CBD and CBG and Delta-8 flowers, cartridges and pre-rolls. Recently they launched a brand new line of edibles: CBD and Delta-8 gummies.


Botany Farms’ mission is to craft quality cannabis flower, so that users can enjoy their beneficial properties while remaining focused, and in the moment.

It starts with a commitment to quality flower free of pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals. Bright sunshine, clean, fresh water, and some well-deserved love and respect are all it takes for Botany Farms craft cannabis to grow.

Why Choose Botany Farms

Organically Grown Cannabis: Botany Farms works exclusively with local micro-farms that share the passion for growing the finest flowers. Their ability to control the growing conditions ensures the hemp is free of all contaminants.

Quality Products: Botany Farms’ quality of flower sets them apart from the competition. They hang dry, cure, and trim all their organic cannabis by hand.

Free Shipping: Free shipping on orders $75+

Friends and Family referral program: Refer friends & family to Botany Farms and get $15 for every friend who makes a purchase. Plus, they get $15, too.

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