Brazilian Seed Company
Brazilian Seed Company

About Brazilian Seed Company

This company was started with the aim of providing marijuana patients with valuable info about better cultivation methods and the best medicinal strain for each ailment. The founder started growing weed in 1991 with a packet of Pakololo which he had gotten from a friend in Hawaii. He also grew landrace Sativa on his farm. He then grew into a big producer and started a company. Today, the company has expanded and ships its seeds to countries around the United States.

Why Choose Brazilian Seed Company

Variety of Products: They have created a wide range of marijuana strains that are doing well in the market. Their top strains are Bahia Blackhead, Brazilian Skunk, Brazilian Haze, and Angola Red.

Availability: Their seeds can be bought through their online website or their partners. They also ship to the neighboring countries where cannabis is legalized.

Dedication to Quality: Brazilian Seed Company grows their cannabis in the most suitable conditions to ensure consistency in quality and potency.

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User Reviews

  1. Vivian

    The last time I made a purchase I made a mistake and ordered two packets of Brazilian Haze instead of one for Brazilian Haze and one for Brazilian Lemon. I didnt realize the mistake until the order was delivered. I called the company and they asked me to send back and have the pack replaced. the replacement was delivered within three days. They have great customer support service.

  2. Julie

    Brazilian Seeds offers you with a lot marijuana information. They offer virtually all data related to marijuana with relevant explanations. I highly recommend them especially if you are new to the cannabis world.

  3. John

    I contracted them to ask them a few questions about seeds that I had bought from them and they responded promptly. They offer satisfying instructions on how I could improve the yields and everything turned out as they explained. A great company to buy from.

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