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Breez was founded by Royal Garden Society in 2015 on behalf of Austin and Anna. This brand's mission is to make the advantages of cannabis accessible to everyone. According to the founders, things started when Austin's grandfather was struggling with the side effects of cancer treatments. This prompted the two founders to create a company that will help people overcome their burdens with accessible and reliable cannabis products.

On the Breez website, you will find a variety of items categorized by flavor (as well as some unflavored ones), dose, and type. The most popular flavors are mint, citrus, and cinnamon. In terms of types of products, Breez produces and sells mints, pills, and tincture sprays.

All products here are sold in small batches and created to enable users to dose cannabis accurately and based on their specific needs. At Breez, you can find both low and high THC, which makes this brand available to a variety of medical marijuana users. They also sell some CBD, CBN, and terpenes-contained products. Most of their products are sugar and gluten-free, but they made sure that every piece is lab tested before it is sold to a wide audience.

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C11-0000189-LIC, C9-0000047-LIC, C12-0000007-LIC

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Austin and Anna, Co-Founders



User Reviews

  1. IloveCBD

    Ya know this one is literally good when it comes to medical marijuana since everything is tested in laboratories so it has a promising safe dose in their products. The tincture spray and mint tablets are dope. It gives you a cloud of emotions. It is not good tho for recreational use but 10/10 if we are talking for medical use.

  2. tadkilab21

    THC effects kicks in imeediately

  3. Grower20

    Helped me feel relaxed especially the mint tablets if I dont feel good.

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