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Brite Labs has crafted high-quality full-spectrum cannabis concentrates since 2014. It creates products in the establishment in Oakland, CA. All hemp used by Brite Labs is cultivated on local Californian farms, where farmers adhere to sustainable and organic farming techniques. The CO2 method is used for extraction. Brite Labs always produces clean cannabis oils without any additives. They don’t contain filler, diluents, or cutting agents such as Vitamin E, polyethylene glycol, or vegetable glycerine. It specializes in creating full-spectrum small-batch extracts with natural THC, flavonoids, and terpenes found in raw plants. Before products are sold to customers, they are tested several times. The company experts offer a big selection of products, such as oils, flowers, concentrates (jelly wax, shatter, sugar), cartridges, live resin, distillate, etc.

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How nice it is to relax one hundred percent and properly plunge into the world of sleep. recently I had big problems with sleep, insomnia bothered me. but Sleep well drops from Brite Labs helped me, for which I am very grateful

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I used to try strawberry banana pax era pod. I liked it. This strain is for those who wants to be focused and relaxed t the same time. It was a discovering for me. Besides its aroma made a fan of this strain, just sweet tropic)

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I like so much to smoke preorolls of the Brite Labs company. Their citrus aroma makes me crazy) I enjoy it. and their effects give so much relax? That I easily forget about everything and can enjoy such an amazing calm atmosphere.

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This is definitely the best company that makes products from high quality cannabis. it is the quality that made me and my friends become regular customers of this company. If you also love high quality, then you are in a right place

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The most of all what I like in the Brite Labs products is that they dont contain any additives. For such a consumer as I am it is very important. And I want to thank Brite Labs for creating such a high quality products.

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Inadequate customer service

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Practical packing, keeps flowers fresh!

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Im a bit dissapointed with how they designed their website. Its not easy to navigate and the categories are rather confusing. Given the size of their offer, online buying should be much easier and products should be easier to find.

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Superb choice of different strains! Theres something for everyone with their vape cartridges.

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Clean and tasty concentrates, no leaks or drips, which is common with lesser brands.

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