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About CaliConnected Online Headshop

CaliConnected is an online headshop that offers a variety of products to those who want to shop for smoking accessories and products. It was founded by two connoisseurs of marijuana who had a vision to connect people with the hardware that they need to smoke.

This company sourced its name from California, where it actually operates. It started as a wholesale operation in 2017 when they sold high-quality bongs and vapes to brick-and-mortar smoke shops. Soon enough, it became an online headshop offering affordable products to people who want to buy directly at a great price.

Why Choose CaliConnected Online Headshop

Extensive selection of products. CaliConnected sells various bongs and dab rigs, high quality CBD, vaporizers and e-nails, as well as smoking accessories. They also have a line of Kush Clothing within their Lifted Lifestyle collection, which includes over 420 accessories for humans, pets, and homes.

Available for purchase USA + Canada. This brand accepts orders from all over the country as well as from Canada.

Free shipping. For any USA & Canada orders over $20, the company will ship the goods free of charge within 2-7 days (1-3 days for priority shipping, which will incur additional charges).

Many deals and savings. Customers can often find discounts and special rates on the website under the column ‘Deals’ found on the homepage.

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As for me it makes smoking time more interesting and brighter with products of this company. It produces so pretty and easy for using things that amaze me all the time. Smoking now is enjoyable more and I love it.

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What do you think about presents? My boyfriend is a smoker and I wanted to make for him a great present. I decided to buy a few accessorizes from CaliConnected Online Headshop. These guys helped me to choose the best things, my boyfriend is happy to have them.

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I like the service of the CaliConnected Online Headshop. It is very easy and convenient to order the products. this company produces nice accessorizes I cant stop enjoy them. Now Im sure, that was a great idea to create such company for all smokers.

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Cali connect is like a candy store for all of your smoking needs. It has everything at every level of the price point. Each product is very well made and I love every second of using them. I am currently obsessed with their oils!

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Their vaporizers are hella cool! I got a tiny and super portable vape pen from then and it still works like brand new. Im saving up for their hybrid vaporizers for more awesome pot sessions in the future. Excellent customer care too!

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I just got their Hyer Big-E Rig and it is awesome! Can’t wait to use it again!!

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Excellent bong quality. Long lasting and very stylish also!

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I love the quality! <3

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I love visiting this store because of the amazing products they offer. G8I get sophistication with quality. The accessories are one of my favorite things in the world.

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I especially love this product because of the free deliveries. Makes getting weed stressful cost effective.

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I love their vape pens.

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getting high in style.

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