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About Canada Puffin

Canada Puffin sells hand-blown glass pipes and accessories. According to the company, they are committed to ‘creating an open and inviting culture in the ever changing, smoking landscape’. This brand manufactures unique designs of high quality and with excellent presentation.

All their accessories are sturdy and ready to be displayed in living spaces. They feature elements of Canadian culture and heritage. To be more, all accessories and glass pipes are packed in a modern box, and made simple to clean.

Why Choose Canada Puffin

Premium smoking accessories. Canada Puffin sells high-quality, versatile smoking accessories such as: Arctic Bubbler, Stone Spoon Pipe, Chalet Steamroller, Northern Lights Taster Pipe, Muskoka Rolling Tray, Banff Dugout and One Hitter, Parklands Grinder, etc.

Expertly hand-blown glass. Products here are handmade. They use authentic Canadian maple wood for the production, and their glass is expertly hand-blown.

Luxurious packaging. To make the accessories beautiful to the eye and allow customers to display them anywhere, Canada Puffin places all products in luxurious satin gift boxes.

Easy cleaning. The pipes made by this brand can be disassembled to allow for easier cleaning. To clean them, you should remove the wooden components and place the glass in a resalable bag with isopropyl alcohol and some table salt.

Discount for newcomers and free shipping. On the site, newcomers can enjoy 10% off their first order. Returning customers are also known to get benefits from the company. Orders over $30 come with free shipping for customers in the US and Canada.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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Thornhill, Canada


Dale Falkenstein, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Pete

    I have a Banff Dugout and One Hitter and I absolutely love it. It has a small size that makes it more discreet and allows it to fit almost anywhere even in my pocket. I like this feature most about this product as I can carry it around even when I am traveling. Thumbs up to Canada Puffin for such great products.

  2. Julius

    Making an order with Canada Puffin is quite easy. The customer support will take you through the steps and answer all your questions. I have so far ordered from them three times and they have all been smooth. The delivery is fast and the products come in good condition.

  3. Catherine

    For the six months I have been using their pipe I have nothing to say but thank you Canada Puffin for making my cannabis experience the best one ever. The pipe is easy to use and clean. I highly recommend this brand.

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