Canamo Concentrates
Canamo Concentrates

About Canamo Concentrates

Canamo is a company that delivers high-end cannabis products in CBD and THC varieties. They use exclusively local farms to source their cannabis. Once collected, the products are meticulously purged and processed before they are sent to dispensaries. The name of this brand is sourced from the Spanish word for hemp ‘cáñamo’, and the logo is an altered version of a Mexican sugar skull.

Why Choose Canamo Concentrates

Sources all hemp from local farms. To ensure the highest quality of concentrates, Canamo uses plants from local farms only.

Variety of concentrates offered. Canamo procures different concentrates that are split into categories such as Canamo Value Tier, Canamo Classic, and Canamo Premier. The Premier tier is the high-end, most established selection of the company.

Third-party lab testing. All products delivered by Canamo are tested by third-party labs to ensure their strength, purity, and quality.

Badder production. Canamo uses Badder production to create its concentrates. This begins with a thorough selection process and is followed by implementation of low-temp purging parameters, as well as technical agitations of the refined oil.

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User Reviews

  1. Krissy43

    As a nurse, I think this product is very important in wound care. It eases patients pain without the possibility of addiction.

  2. BenH

    I do not think this brand is very suitable for beginners.

  3. Molly

    Holy molly, this weed gets me high in no time..

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