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In 2013 in Phoenix, AZ Michael Berk founded a service for cannabis lovers named Cannabox. The company provides customers with cannabis accessorize and smoking devises. Their products include bongs, smoking pipes and other cannabis-related stuff. The project has also a monthly subscription service that comes with products that consist of 5-8 items. Some examples of brands are 420 Science, HUF, Ryot, and ROOR.

Each month has a specific theme, such as beach products, in which all items are related to it somehow. The interesting part is that subscribers don't know the exact filling of the box they'll get. Every month, 5-10 people have the chance of getting the Gold Box which may contain 22k Gold Celebration Lava Pipes and other premium-priced products. Sometimes, exclusive items that cannot be bought anywhere else are included in the Cannabox. The founder of the company had the aim to create a universal smoke shop for anybody who needs essentials, and for experienced users who are looking for monthly products. Each box can be customized by filling in a form that records the gender, shirt size, and also smoking preferences.

For people on a budget, Cannabox offers the option to purchase items from previous boxes that are priced lower, and you can receive 5-7 past items without the monthly subscription. Each pricing plan is for 1, 3, or 6 months. The brand also has discount programs for medical workers, military and students.

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I havbe already subscribed to the product.These products are exactly what I was expecting. I dont know about others but they seem like cannabis advanced user like me.

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The cost is sooo low for months together! I mean this is a steal deal that people shouldnt ignore! I didnt and I am happy about it! Never made a better decision than this!

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There is a lot of buzz about Cannabox themed collections every month and now i see why. U must try [email protected]!

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I did buy three or four variants from them and all of those are just smiffing awesome!

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The themed sales are a very creative way of promoting products that are very perfect and exciting.

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Bought Levo oil infuser a while ago and Im still excited as the first day!

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Some of their products are overpriced for no particular reason but branding.

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I get a lot of stuff from Cannabox, mainly ashtrays, grinder, lighters, things I like to collect. Their products are made out of durable materials and the design is not far behind. With discounts and free shipment, Cannabox is a great place to shop.

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Amazing website!

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Great choice of vaping gear. Hope they'll add more extracts in their offer soon.

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It took a week for my Keith Haring dab rig to arrive. Im so impressed with it!

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Loads of cheap smoking gear

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