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Cannador was founded in 2014 in Wilmington, Delaware. This brand creates premium storage systems for your cannabis. They mainly focus on functional design and keeping the quality, freshness, and rich flavor of marijuana.

They offer compact cannabis storage containers in various sizes that can hold 2 to 9 glass cups. They are made of moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly products such as cherry and walnut wood. They also use FDA-approved silica Vaporbeads to maintain optimal moisture levels inside. Some have a drawer that holds a vape pen and a grinder.

Cannador also sells extra glassware, toolsets, rechargeable bead systems, and Miron Jars for extra-long storage because its glass blocks all UV light that degrades THC.

Cannador is a popular brand, and Forbes even wrote an article about it. They cooperate with a non-profit organization Plant-It 2020 in order to support social responsibility. The purpose of this project is to plant, maintain and protect indigenous trees, and so Cannador pledged to plant a tree for each item they sell.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

HQ Location

Wilmington, Delaware


Zane Witzel, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Aisha

    The black box is so elegant!!! Such elegance is a rarity in othe brands!! I put these on full display in my house for everyone to see and adore.

  2. DollUpBeauty

    The one major thing I will sya about Cannador storage collection is - DONT BUY. They look great in pictures but seem so under standard when delivered. There is no way I can return them over that reason!

  3. Dean

    The leather tool kit looks classy! The performance was great.

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