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Cannariginals creates premium wellness products from pure cannabis ingredients to help people find relief Their system is dual-patented, which makes it one of the few top-notch processors of cannabinoids in Bakersfield California. Their collection consists of THC-rich rubs and elixirs that help people fight chronic pain and assists with physical conditions like ALS and MS. Their CEO is Gary Lowe.

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Bakersfield, California


Gary Lowe, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Jayden

    Mystic mango saves my time because I just have to consume a drop or two and I am good to go. My throbbing migraine will be gone and I dont feel stressed or tensed. Nice range of products youll find about Cannariginals range.

  2. Emily

    Black Transdermal Rub - Nice for pain relief. I thought to take gold rub but instead ordered this.I do like. I am having no pain now .

  3. Sophie

    Took the Gold Menthol Rub for my arthritis pain and it shows good results for sure. I dont feel the throbbing pain after a simple massage. I like them.

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