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About CannaSol Farms

As one of the trusted leaders in sustainable cannabis growing, CannaSol produced finely cured cannabis grown outdoors, under the Okanogan sunshine. This cannabis farm produces dozens of strains of locally sourced strains and has a commitment to having low environmental impact.

Why Choose CannaSol Farms

Sungrown sustainable cannabis products. To ensure that their cannabis is sustainable, the company uses solar light deprivation and hand-crafted organic soils without any chemicals and pesticides. This helps them create the cleanest, finest, and tastiest cannabis on the market.

Certified by two renowned institutions. CannaSol Farms is certified by both WISE and Sungrown. They products are lab-tested within the company and in third-party labs.

Light deprivation technique for growing. The main reason why the company is so popular is that they use the unique technique called light deprivation. Their secret is, as they say, ‘the right light at the right time’.

Use of OMRI listed inputs. The only inputs used through the lifecycle of the plant are 100% organic and OMRI listed inputs. They do not spray the flower with inputs that can leave a residue. The organic soil is fed only organic nutrients and is inoculated with mychorrizeah.

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Just give me a portion of CannaSol Farms cannabis and leave me alone with my dreams and cool feelings. These are my permanent thoughts after my first tasting of CannaSol Farms weed. Im satisfied client and gonna enjoy this weed for a long time.

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I have only positive impressions after using products of Cannasol farms. Its strain is so qualitative and clean, that nobody can stop me to smoke more and more every day) its a great weed that helps to relax and feel free.

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It is amazing, but I finally know the name of brand of my favorite cannabis. It is CannaSol Farms cannabis, that make my body and brain to live in the heaven. Great effect! What a magical feeling! Im loving it so much!

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Best outdoor weed growers!

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Durban Poison is one of my alltime favorites. Great upbeat!

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They have some amazing brand name strains I pretty much enjoy. Their selection of premium brands like Florigen Organics and Columbia Natural also raise the bar when it comes to quality and psychoactive potency.

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