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Caviar Gold is a cannabis processor that carefully selects only premium quality cannabis with a high THC content. This company was created to produce the most potent marijuana. The founder now offers products that range from 21% to 58% THC. Their products do not contain any chemicals or pesticides, ensuring only raw, organic ingredients. Everyone can see the test results of the company's products on their website. They are made by the Caligreen Laboratory. Caviar Gold infuses the buds with liquid THC of high potency. They begin the process by infusing the inside part of the buds with THC. This creates a heavy and dense caviar gold nugget. They dunk the buds in AAA OG Kief, which is soaked in by the buds and creates a well-balanced, potent, and smokable bud. Only the best quality indoor OG Kush is selected, which comes with a medicinal license, ensuring high THC content. Their range of flowers includes Original Gangsta, Bubble Gold, King Cavi OG, Misty OG, Vanilla Bliss, and many other strains. The flowers and pre-rolls offered by Caviar Gold are intended for medical patients who suffer from severe pain. Also, the strains can ease the symptoms of insomnia, glaucoma, nausea, and muscle spasms. The founder of the company even donates products to those in need.

Worth mentioning, that the brand's founder recently created 3 new strains, which are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid for the new “Jay and Silent Bob” movie. They also made a collaboration with a famous rapper Ice Cube and created two lines Friday Kush and Good Day Kush promoted by him. Currently, products from this manufacturer are available in three states: California, Arizona, and Oklahoma. You can buy them only in the dispensary since the possibility of online orders is not yet provided.

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Arizona, California, Oklahoma

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Los Angeles, California


Mike Brunson, CEO




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  1. Maeve

    The pre-rolls really cut the whole crap of making joints and I bought in bulk for a home party! Well, everyone loved it and so this review is a HUGE KUDOS to the platform!

  2. Aurora

    Cavier Gold range is surely worth every will not have any complaint and keep coming back ad back for mmore.Take my advicse and go for it.

  3. Elizabeth

    A few puffs of the Strong Berry moonrock joint and I was stoned - I was in a trance that showed me colors of joy and invigorating aspects that make me feel good. Splendid...purely splendid!

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