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Coffee Shop Seeds

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Coffee Shop Seeds is a store that sells over 3500 products from 120 world-renowned breeders. Ecom Investments is registered in Wales and England and holds multiple domains. Coffee Shop Seeds is part of a big Private Limited organization registered at HMRC. They deliver vapes, cannabis seeds, vape and cannabis accessories. Their CBD products include Auto Flowering, feminised and medical seeds.

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Enderby, Leicestershire, United Kingdom





User Reviews

  1. Alma

    this product has improved the quality of my life to a great extent. I usually suffer chronic pain which makes sleeping and carrying out activities very difficult. Ever since I started using this product, I can engage in more activity and I sleep better.

  2. Tinkerbella

    they offer so many accessories that makes it more than just regular smoking

  3. Cara298

    I got a vape pen and I am really enjoying it. All my friends are so jealous

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