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Connoisseur Genetics is an Amsterdam-based cannabis seed bank that became famous worldwide for crossing popular marijuana seed strains with award-winning genetics to create hybrid masterpieces. The company collects high-potential strains from around the world and breeds them. Connoisseur Genetics’ founder OJD created the company after being drawn to and then involved in the Amsterdam seed scene for many years. He won awards and accolades for his growing expertise, like the ICmag cup, and eventually founded his own seed bank. His mission was to create a seed bank that provides consumers with high-quality pure strains, and uniquely powerful hybrid strains. The company is most famous for its legendary Haze lines which you won’t find anywhere else. Some of their bestselling seeds include Rainbow Jones Haze, Triangle Kush Haze, Cheese Dog Regular, and Labrador Regular. They offer a variety of regular and feminized seeds which can be grown indoors or outdoors. Their catalog features 45+ completely unique strains.

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Had grown Labrador best shit ever. Bomb ass genetics. Highly recommend! Would love to collaborate. Infact breed Labrador with yummy and I can hardly wait. Drooling. Breeder hit me up. And thanks to all breeders of high class genetics thank you. To bad we weren't back on the days, God bless.

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