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Founded in 2013, Cresco Labs has been offering clean, consistent, and quality CBD products to users. With its headquarters in Chicago, IL, the company has 15 production facilities across 9 operational states. Cresco Labs takes charge of all its production processes, right from cultivation to packing and distribution. It has involved professional agronomists, manufacturing experts and has high-quality agricultural equipment in its facilities. Cresco Labs ensures that all its plants are subject to numerous tests. All products are tested for pesticides and other chemicals to make sure that they are safe to use. The company has nurtured relationships with other institutions, including universities, to develop a cannabis-focused curriculum. Also, it collaborates with local agencies and organizations to promote cannabis awareness through its SEED (Social Equity & Education Development) initiative. The vendor serves customers' needs in 6 U.S. states: Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Cresco has launched a social equity initiative called SEED (Social Equity & Education Development) with a mission to repair the damage done by the nation's drug policies. It invests in restorative justice activation, education & workforce initiatives, community business incubator. As a partner of Cabrini Green Legal Aid, it was honored to be the 2020 recipient of the Bill Leslie Visionary award.

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Chicago, Illinois


Charlie Bachtell, CEO



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  1. Diana675

    To save myself from the stress and depression was a main goal for a long time. I decided to try to find decision with help of cannabis. I found Cresco Lab company and ordered a few product, I got positive effect that was important for me.

  2. Edward

    When I have free time and really want to relax I take cresco lab strain and enjoy it. It gives me unbelievable feelings and makes me feel great and uplifting. So, guys, you can do the same, you wont regret it.

  3. Oscar554

    To order products of cresco lab was a great choice for me. Now I know that I have qualitative and safe product. I adore the effect that strain makes for my body. Feeling calm now so important. I think you also want to have such feeling

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