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Washington’s premier extracts, Dabstract produced their first cannabis oils back in 2000. They are now one the largest recreational cannabis brands and use the art of extraction to passionately help people access the best quality cannabis products. The company creates additive-free concentrates using single-strain specificity and terpene extraction. All of their ingredients are 100% cannabis-derived, ensuring purity and quality. They offer a myriad of products which go beyond the common waxes and oils.

Why Choose Dabstract

Dabstract offers unique cannabis concentrates that maintain the natural flavors, scent, and effects of the cannabis they use, providing a reliable, delicious experience.

THC concentrates come with a potent variety that are ideal for topping a bowl or spicing up a joint. These can be enjoyed by anyone, from first-time users to more experienced consumers.

One of the highlights is the choice between “essential” and “select”, which is a great variety for anyone who needs affordable, yet high-quality concentrates.

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Washington, Washington

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Spokane, Washington


Sushanta Parikh, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Blake

    This company offers fairly high quality strains that allow you to enjoy their consumption. I dont even want to try other brands. I am deeply convinced that if you have already chosen something of your own, it is better not to betray your preferences.

  2. Aliza

    I already have a kind of mania to open the website of this company and choose and try something new. every time I order a new product, I am absolutely satisfied with everything. thank you for such a wonderful job

  3. Irene

    I often pay attention to detail. and especially when it comes to my cannabis consumption culture. I like the quality of this companys products, for example, such a trifle as glass may matter to me. and the Dabstract company did not disappoint me.

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