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Dazed Extracts is a company that originates from Michigan, one that produces connoisseur-grade cannabis extracts from the best marijuana flowers. All products by this manufacturer are lab-tested and rich in pure cannabinoids and terpenes. They are free of cutting agents, solvents, and diluting additives. Some of the most sold products by Dazed Extracts include the Orange Cookie, the Do-Si-Dos, Grease Monkey, and Kush Cake.

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Sara Kaye

Love love love it.

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My mates allowed me to try kush cake. Wow, I was surprised. I enjoyed it so much. Its a great possibility to feel relax and calm. And I feel that I want to try more products of dazed extracts company.

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The orange cookie is my favorite product made by dazed extracts company. Its so tasty for me, smells good and what is the most important has got amazing effect. Its a big happiness for me to meet this nice product.

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For me marijuana is a great thing. Dazed extracts company produces high quality extract. I tried it and have no questions to it. Now I want to find out more ideas on how I want to spend my time with this product.

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Very nice! I recommend to try its products! Just do it)

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My friend advised me to try and Im not disappointed.

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Im satisfied by its product. I have good feelings after using it

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I dont know what people say about this brand but I really like it. Its product allows me to feel something good and amazing. Thats why I can say its great. I ‘m gonna buy more. I hope you agree me.

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this is a very nice extract. I really like it

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Jerry Smith

I am also extra careful in terms of buying cannabis because you know, a lot of companies are joining the hype without ensuring the quality of their product. But, Dazed Extracts is different. I was impressed with my first package and I am now a loyal customer.

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Gayle Danner

A friend recommended this to me and I wish I knew about Dazed Extracts sooner.

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Anna Fisher

Connoisseur-grade cannabis indeed. You should not miss trying this one ;)

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Customer service is excellent. Prompt and clear responses!

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Will buy again!

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I love it!

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Jack Morris

Excellent choice!

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Flavor unlike any other!

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I am honestly wondering if they are falsely advertising. I go through a lot of trouble to acquire Rick Simpson Oil for my dad who has cancer. He is trying that treatment, and like I said, I go through a lot to get it. That being said, I recently purchased Dazed Full Spectrum RSO brand. Upon receiving, the lab test sticker shows thc only, in the product. The other cannabinoids are listed but, all at 0%. The only thing that registered in the lab test, was thc. I am not extremely familiar with everything but, Im almost certain full spectrum means a little of everything. Also, it is not technically RSO, if it lacks the other cannabinoids. I am currently scouring the internet, in search of their contact information, and its nowhere to be found, which makes me even more suspicious. But, I am just getting started in my search and ran across this, so I left it as a review.

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