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Delicious Seeds offer the best seedbanks with both indoor and outdoor-grown seeds. It is a Spain-based brand that was founded in 2009. Now the company has become quite popular and competitive in the cannabis market. The strain maker is well known for its answers to various questions revolving around cannabis and other varieties.

Their strains have been produced to meet the productive, resistant, medicinal, regular, and feminized needs of their clients for better output. Delicious Seeds make use of various breeds in creating their unrivaled brand of tastes, scents, and sensation. The catalog contains almost 50 strains bred by the brand, among them there are completely original seeds, such as Caramelo or Black Russian. But there are also legendary popular marijuana like Jack Herer, only with slightly modified characteristics of its cultivation. What's more, the brand has been awarded many times for its products. You can take a look at the feminized seeds line, among which there are winners such as Sugar Black Rose, Golosa, Critical Super Silver Haze, Fruity Chronic Juice. In addition to high potency plants, the brand also has CBD strains that are distinguished by their medicinal effects. The hemp can relieve pain, and it also copes with anxiety and even depression, but without psychedelic intervention. These are CBD JAM, Auto Blue Ace CBD, Honeybells, and Deep Mandarine strains.

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