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Discover CBD was founded by three people: an M.D. with experience in nutrition and family medicine, a business professional in the medicinal supplement industry, and an experienced hemp and CBD manufacturer. They combined their experience and skills to craft a wide range of unique products which meet industrial hemp legal considerations. They started manufacturing their brand, known as Active CBD oil, providing affordability, quality, and accessibility. The company is headquartered in Colorado Springs. It all started when the founder of the company realized that there was a need for the benefits of cannabidiol. Thus, their first store was established in 2017. After that, they were noticed by the 2018 Farm Bill and provided support to them.

The brand has products that cover all aspects of the CBD market, including delta8 gummies, vapes, tinctures, chocolates, topicals, also more specific needs, such as coffee, dabs, and terpene-infused products. Their products have a cumulative effect and work with long-term use, just like vitamins do. The hearty variety covers full-spectrum, CBD isolates, and broad-spectrum products designed for use at any time of the day or night. Each product of this brand passes third-party testing. Discover CBD goods do not contain any solvents, preservatives, or additives. Some products are enriched with the fatty acids required for optimal CBD absorption. The company offers a full, periodically updated list of their third-party test results for their own brands. All other partnering brands are required to share their results, too, ensuring accurate potency.

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Very informative and kind staff at Discover CBD. They will take you through the benefits of each product that you wish to buy. They are very patient when answering your questions too. I have only bought from them once and I am sure to be back to get more products.

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No regrets at all for being a royal customer. I have been using their products for a year now and I have every plan to continue using them. Their service is very nice, their products amazing, and their prices very affordable. What else would I want if not these? Kudos to Discover CBD for making my cannabis experience worthwhile.

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I frequently buy my CBD products from Discover CBD. These guys have the best products in the market so far. I have been using their CBD oil to manage my anxiety and depression which have been eating me for months on end. Surprisingly, I feel much better after using this product. I will continue buying from them and recommend others to try them out too.

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Discover CBD is an excellent brand. They have potent brands that will take care of your every day cannabis needs. The employees are very professional and friendly. The products are well priced making them affordable to even those on a budget. I highly recommend them.

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Theor delta8 products were good. I also tried their water soluble cbd tincture which was noticeably better than the other brand Ive been using.

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They have the best selection and I havent found a product I dont like. The quality is consistent.

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The staff are very friendly and helpful. The products are amazing. Overall, the #1 CBD shop in town.

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This is a good place to shop all your CBD products, Quality products, great services and affordable prices.

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Excellent service, great products, and good customer service. Overall, the best CBD shop of the rime.

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