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Dollar Dose brings to you the powerful cannabis therapeutic and healing properties in their specially crafted products. They mentor, educate and guide manufacturers and cannabis lovers on the useful effects of the plant. They make efforts to ensure that their customers achieve a higher quality of living without draining out on their budget. The company is based in Santa Cruz, and manufactures the extracts, edibles, ingestibles, tablets, capsules and more in the same locality. Dollar Dose loves their customers and forge business relationships with the utmost professionalism and care.

Why Choose Dollar Dose

Experiment with innovative ideas: This brand loves to experiment and pair different cannabis strains and clones without compromising on the quality and potency. They always seem to be coming up with new delicacies, cannabis treats, candies, and other related products enjoyed for the delicious flavors, aromas, terpenes, and its ability to give users the high effects that they are looking for.

Affordable purchases: The brand is approachable and helps customers in the best way possible,, providing them with the right products for their ailments. The services provided enables them to live a higher quality lifestyle filled with cannabis bliss.

Enhanced user experience: Customers enjoy a better experience with the delicious flavors, and wafting potent aromas of the strains. The edibles are specially crafted for better health and wellness, mood upliftment, recreational uses, and creating an overall balance in everyday life.

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User Reviews

  1. Gibson

    Dolar Dose has amazing products that deliver what they should. I have been battling with PTSD for the better part of my life and nothing has offered me great relief like the way the Dollar Dose Lozenge has. It is highly potent and very affordable. I always have some in my pocket.

  2. Young

    Their CBD concentrate on of premium quality. I have bought several times and I have complains at all. It is very effective and cost effective too compared to other brands that I have tried. Truly Dolar Dose lives up to its name by offering quality but affordable CBD products.

  3. Woodson

    For three months I have been using the Dollar Dose products and I am satisfied with the results that I get. I generally lose focus quite fast and I find that the lozenges help me maintain focus and remain alert to be able to complete the task at hand. I recommend this brand to anyone out there with the same problem.

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