Emerald Bay Extracts
Emerald Bay Extracts

About Emerald Bay Extracts

The Emerald Bay Extracts is a cannabis dealer company based in the United States. They are specialized in manufacturing and supplying medical-grade RSO and the complete spectrum of cannabis extracted products. The company is a licensed supplier. Emerald bay extracts source the cannabis for their products from craft farms in and around Northern California. They supply cannabis oil wholesale to customers in the country. The main motive of the Emerald Bay Extracts is to produce cannabis and create products keeping in mind the dire needs of patients, customers, and clients.

Why Choose Emerald Bay Extracts

The following are the reasons why getting cannabis products from Emerald Bay Extracts is an excellent choice:

Naturally grown: Every batch of cannabis strains are grown on special craft farms exclusively growing them. All of them are fresh, organic, pure, and sun-grown.

Handpicked by the experts: During the harvesting season, the experts from the company go out to the farm to handpick their ingredients. They choose only the best plant compounds for the products.

Quality: The Emerald Bay Extracts company focuses on quality. They ensure that all of the products are well tested in the third party laboratories in California before it is dispatched to the customers.

Softer and moist: As all the strains are grown naturally and they are 100% organic, Emerald Bay Extracts products are softer on the palate and less brittle.

Info & License

License Number

C11-0000655-LIC, C11-0000655-LIC

HQ Location

Nevada City, California


Thomas Angeley, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Jacob

    I ordered for their RSO tinctures online and the delivery came through in time. The process of placing an order is quite smooth as you will have assistance from their customer support. The price for their products is also very affordable. I will be making more orders from them soon.

  2. Morris

    I bought the RSO tablets from my local dispensary and I find them to be very effective. I have been on the dose for two weeks now and the change is quite notable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a change in their overall health.

  3. Richard

    The best CBD products in the market so far. I run a small cannabis dispensary in my neighborhood and I source the products from Emerald Bay Extracts. My customers always come back with positive comments about a product that they bought from this brand. I am happy to be in business with them.

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