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Emerald Jane’s

About Emerald Jane’s

Emerald Jane’s a Washington-based company that’s been operating on the cannabis market since 2014. Ever since, the company has set high standards in consistency and quality. It produces boutique, small-batch, and very potent cannabis products with attractive flavours and aromas. The motto of the company is: ‘’Every plant, every day.’’

Why Choose Emerald Jane’s

Hydroponic style for growing. To create top-shelf products, Emerald Jane’s uses a hydroponic growing style with rockwell as a medium, as well as a top feed drip system.

Adjustable growing process for best results. The growing process of this company is specifically engineered to allow for all kinds of adjustments in temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, light, nutrient pH and concentration, and more.

Growing in small batches. To maximize the attention given to individual plants, Emerald Jane’s grows in small batches only. This way, they can do proper hand trimming, pruning, and nitrogen packaging.

All cannabis flowers inspected by a master grower. Before any flower is turned into and sold as a product, it is scrutinized and inspected by the master grower, an expert employed by Emerald Jane’s. This ensures high quality standards in every batch.

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User Reviews

  1. Grant Mitchell

    Glad I learned about this company from a friend. Their seeds are indeed high quality and easy to grow. They provide comprehensive instructions on how to best grow their seeds and their customer support is always within reach. They have a wide selection too!

  2. Arnold Campell

    I am a newbie grower and this brand provides the support and instructions that I need without me asking for it.

  3. Aiden Green

    Consistent aromas and flavors.

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