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Falcanna was established in Washington in 2015. Its founders are Bethany and Justin Rondeau who perfected their growing techniques and started to cultivate the most desired marijuana strains. Their dedication turned into a delivery service established in 2012 which aimed to send marijuana to medical patients who needed it the most. The founders started to tailor the strains to make them suitable for different ailments. This passion gradually turned into Falcanna, where the two founders still grow strains for medical patients and for recreational use. They are fully licensed by the state.

Why Choose Falcanna

Falcanna employs unique proprietary genetics in order to create high-quality strains for medical and recreational use, including Pacific Blue, Dutch Haze, and many others.

With a focus on sustainability, Falcanna keeps their carbon footprint at a minimum. For instance, all of their packaging is made of 100% certified biodegradable materials which break down in only 20 years, compared to competitors’ 500 years.

Only ounces are packed in glass and they use Italian-made Fido jars which keep the products fresh and tasty. The jars are made of recycled materials and they are both recyclable and reusable.

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Justin Rondeau, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Audrii

    Falcanna has been one of the most consistent and valuable brands I have ever bought from! I am a consistent buyer of theirs and I couldn't say anything besides that they have been one of the best brands I have found in stores near me. All of Falcanna products are 100% worth the money, and I have not once been dissatisfied. This brand is one that I highly recommend and hope it gets the attention it deserves throught quality.

  2. Lucy

    Their products are amazing.

  3. Angel56

    I have been having some joint pain for a long time due to osteoarthritis. I had tried many strains from other brands before and nothing matches what this company offers. Their strains are strong and most effective in relieving my chronic pain. The best medical marijuana brand that I know!

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