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Freddys Fuego

About Freddy’s Fuego

For Freddy’s Fuego, consistency is key. They own a 16,000 square feet facility which contains 8 separate flower rooms, ensuring that each plant benefits from maximum attention and care. The indoor garden allows them to control the entire environment, ensuring that temperature, CO2, humidity, and light are at optimal levels in each room. In 2017, Tim Haggerty established what is now known as Freddy’s Fuego, along with three other friends by setting up the perpetual harvest indoor garden.

Why Choose Freddy’s Fuego

With 8 different rooms, they harvest one room at a time on a weekly basis, ensuring fresh, continuous supply of cannabis.

The main strains are Purple Pie, LA Cookies, and Blackbeard’s Gold, but their offer has now grown to include many other flowers.

Given their manufacturing processes, each product has consistent quality, taste, and flavor. This ensures the best experience every time.

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Seattle, Washington


Tim Haggerty, CEO



User Reviews

  1. John

    Very disappointed in their Ice Cream Cake strain. Bought a half ounce and wish I would not have. Nuggets as hard as rocks that pulverize to dust. As if that were not bad enough, the potency was weak at best. Feel like I was robbed by pirates.

  2. Willis

    For sure this is one of a kind brand. Amazing customer service, quality and affordable prices, and of course fast delivery service. I have anxiety and insomnia and I find their pre-rolls to be the perfect medicine for me. This is just what you need to kick that anxiety away and have a fruitful day.

  3. Bettye

    simply the best. Freddys Fuego is one of those brands that you will never find at fault. They have great products with amazing flavor and amazing potency. I cant believe I hadnt discovered them earlier. I am a happy person today thanks to this brand. 100% recommend.

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