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GaneshVapes is based in Seattle, Washington and is the proud manufacturer of the popular Silver Lamp Kit. This item is a portable dabbing device with unmatched flavour and power. The company also sells powerful variable batteries to match with this product, as well as herb grinders, the Ganesh Thermal Banger, the GMAG, GGO and the Siver Lamp Atomizer.

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Seattle, Washington


Miguel Ashby, CEO



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  1. Rose23

    One of the best ideas to make a present for my friend on his birthday was to buy the device of ganesh vapes company. These guys made really qualified products, and my friend is happy like a child) he said that it was the best present he had ever received.

  2. Noah

    I know one thing the best time of relax for me is time when I use ganesh vapes devices. I want to thank for such a possibility to enjoy my time. This company made my life brighter and more interesting.

  3. Susie

    Who hasnt known yet about the silver lamp kit you missed too much. Ganesh vapes company created cool device for such users as me. Its fantastic. I become so happy every time when I use this silver lamp kit. I recommend it

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