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About Geek Farms

Geek Farms is a locally-owned and operated business in Oregon. It was founded in 2013 and is led by the principle that ‘quality and innovation are the most important elements to growing truly great cannabis’.  Based on this, the company manufactures flowers with pronounced effects, robust aromas, and dynamic flavors.

Thanks to an experienced team, Geek Farms uses an on-site breeding program to develop a wide range of cannabinoid-rich products. They use a proprietary living-soil blend, as well as all-natural elements to deliver top-shelf products.

Why Choose Geek Farms

On-site breeding program. Instead of using other companies’ processes, this brand has sourced the expertise of researchers and developed their own selection of cannabinoid-rich cultivars.

Proprietary living-soil blend used. To ensure that products are of the highest quality, potent, and safe to use, Geek Farms uses exclusively proprietary living-soil blend in addition to natural elements.

Free shipping on all items. US customers can enjoy many great services such as free shipping on all items sold by Geek Farms.

Numerous flower releases. As the company becomes more popular and widely recognized, they create new products for customers. Customers can see all upcoming products on the homepage.

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Otis, Oregon


Mike Cawley, Megan Cawley and Andrew Campbell, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Malik$

    my dog had joint pain so I got some this product. It took some hours before the effect kicked it. my dog can now bounce all around the house

  2. Cha091

    Geek farm is the dope product. It takes you back to the good ol days.

  3. Mia712

    This product is very potent. You feel the relaxing effect in several minutes

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