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Goldsmith Extracts

About Goldsmith Extracts

Goldsmith Extracts is based in Arizona. It’s a company that creates highly potent extracts for medical cannabis use. The aim of the company is to ‘produce a clean item that is superior in quality, potency, flavor, and effect’.

This award-winning brand is known to deliver high-quality products. They develop some of the best distillates, crumbles, and extracts in Arizona. All services are available to others and they offer shipping across the state. Those who want to turn flowers into concentrates can also hire Goldsmith Extracts to complete this process.

Why Choose Goldsmith Extracts

Potent extracts. Goldsmith Extracts is known to produce some of the most potent, cleanest extracts in Arizona.

Processing flowers into concentrates. In addition to creating their own extracts, the company assists other cultivators to process flowers into concentrates.

Multiple award-winning extracts. The brand specializes in convenient and fast processing and has created extracts that won many rewards. These include 1st place ‘Distillate’ in the Arizona Project in 2016, 1st place Indica for Pink Panties in the Errl Cup in 2018, 1st place Hybrid for Blueberry Muffins in the Errl Cup in 2018, etc.

Affordable processing. The company is known to provide fast and convenient, but also cheap processing for state-licensed medical companies.

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User Reviews

  1. Deana Wheeler

    Vietnam vet and daughter in Arizona love your products. We need lanyards to hold our pods!!! ❤️ Would love them to be available to buy?? Thank you for all your efforts to make an excellent product.

  2. Joshua

    I wanted for a long time to get an extract from some flower types but I didnt know how to do it in the best way. One friend discovered for me goldsmith extracts and I was surprised. Its professionals work qualifying and quickly, its pleasant to have a deal with them

  3. Maryann

    Nice company. Goldsmith Extracts have a good reputation. One of the commendable areas of work of this company, in my opinion, is their cooperation with medical centers. It is so wonderful that these jewelers can help others in this way

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