Grass Monkey Cannabis Company
Grass Monkey Cannabis Company

About Grass Monkey Cannabis Company

Grass Monkey Cannabis Company was established in 2013 in Maine and started by providing medical cannabis to patients. Grass Monkey Cannabis Co offers a wide selection of products and strains for MMJ users. The dispensary offers a great menu of concentrates, flowers, and edibles. Grass Monkey Cannabis Co is more than a dispensary. They grow and cultivate their own flower that is trimmed by hand to ensure the best quality.

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  1. Meville

    The products have high THC content - good for enhancing mood and gave me instant euphoria. Was looking for a subtle flavour - spotted here with this brand. Nice.

  2. Jeremy

    I was planning on unwinding and and i am so happy I have this cannabis by my side. It feels relaxed and heavenly.

  3. Sloan

    When I heard about Grass Monkey Cannabis Company, I thought they were joking. But the piny smell, the good smoke, instant numbing relief is a bliss!!

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