Green Bee Botanicals
Green Bee Botanicals

About Green Bee Botanicals

Let me introduce you to a women-owned, women-run and women-funded brand of beauty products that contain cannabinoids.

Green Botanicals started out as Little Green Bee in 2015 when founder, Bridget May, decided to put her knowledge as a Botanist into making products for healing the body. It was relaunched in 2019 under the new name and products.

The products that the company says are non-psychotic include;

  • Brightening Eye Cream
  • Award-Winning Eye, Lip and Neck Cream
  • Renewing Serum
  • Perfecting Serum
  • Deep Calm Massage and Body Oil

Green Bee Botanicals does not grow its own plants for the skincare range that it makes, and so for raw materials, it partners with the likes of Sonoma Hills Farm in Petaluma who practice organic and sustainable farming.

Each of these products is tested separately for chemicals and other harmful additives, and users can find the test results on the company’s website. Green Bee Botanicals is located in San Francisco, California. CEO and Co-founder, May, was recently featured in Grower Stories #106

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