Green House Seed Co.
Green House Seed Co.

About Green House Seed Co.

Green House was established in Amsterdam in 1985. Since then, they have expanded into different markets. They launched the GH brand in 2008. Their seed brand is a franchise that spread globally and is now popular in different fields, including apparel, grow equipment, research, but also the impressive strain collection. Green House is also involved in the Strain Hunters, who travel to the most isolated placed on Earth to collect the rarest, most exotic strains with the purpose of preserving them.

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Green House Seed has a phenomenal expansion in the cannabis industry. From research to grow equipment and apparel, the company has more than four decades of experience.

One of the most successful cannabis firms in the world, Green House offers a wide range of auto-flowering and feminized seeds, including the White Widow CBD Auto.

Green House Seed stands out from their competitors due to incredible genetics. This is the result of numerous years of intensive breeding.

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