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About Grown Rogue

Grown Rogue believes that cannabis can enhance all of life’s great experiences and strives to bring premium cannabis products to the adult use market. Obie and Sarah Strickler started Grown Rogue more than 15 years ago in the mountains of Oregon using spring fed fields. Grown Rogue is also dedicated to education about cannabis, honesty, authenticity, integrity, and transparency.

Why Choose Grown Rogue

Know What You Get. At Grown Rogue you know exactly what you are getting. Each product description is outfitted with the percent of THC, Turpentines, whether it was grown indoors or outdoors, as well as what the structure, aroma, and taste should be like. You’ll even get the expected effects on your body, mind, and mood.

High Potency. The flower at Grown Rogue is high potency with most strains having between 22-28% THC.

Leaders in the Industry. Grown Rogue is a trusted company that is reliable and consistent in their product. In fact, many growers in the US turn to Grown Rogue to educate them on the best practices regarding premium marijuana cultivation.

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Medford, Oregon





User Reviews

  1. Florida Shen

    One thing I want when using a particular brand is delivering what is promised. Several brands deceive people into buying a product, but that has not been the case with this brand. Their flowers are highly potent and I’m not surprised to see so many people recognize the effectiveness and honesty of this brand. Keep up the good work!

  2. A.A Sutherland

    If you’ve been searching for a cannabis brand to offer you great services, then look no further because Grown Rogue does it all. They are honest, transparent, authentic and will surely deliver. I’ve been wasting my time with other brands before a friend introduced me to this. It’s been a great move and I trust them 100%

  3. Blackie44

    Not happy, because the product didn’t get to me on time.

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