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About Harmony Farms

Harmony Farms aims to ‘promote a future filled with harmony’. This company’s team has been farming organically since 2015. They are committed to remain transparent and provide the cannabis community with top-rated products including flowers, CO2 oils, and the AiroPro line. To do this, Harmony Farms uses organic and natural techniques for every grow cycle. The company is based and operates in Washington State.

Why Choose Harmony Farms

Uses natural and organic techniques. Harmony Farms utilizes organic techniques and methods exclusively for every grow cycle and every plant.

Cutting-edge technology. To deliver premium quality products, the brand combines decades of cultivating knowledge with cutting-edge technology. Their experts have knowledge in the medical cannabis industry, cellular biology, and organic vegetable farming.

Conscientious of the environmental footprint. Harmony Farms is all about maintaining a conscientious environmental footprint. All their products are organically grown and carefully extracted.

Uses naturally-derived products. To keep the cannabis plants clean, safe, and fresh, Harmony Farms utilizes naturally-derived products like essential oils’ extracts and citric acid.

Higher standard of quality adopted. Legally, medicinal grade cannabis in Washington should pass a 13-analyte pesticide test. This company’s products undergo a 156-analyte pesticide test. They call this The Harmony Standard.

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DingDONG! THE BEST IS SPOTTED! Lovely Earthy strain-great euphoria! Best for group parties with friends! Just perfect, thats all!

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I got couch locked as soon as I inhaled the smoke from the strain. I think it is tperfect for me and I need to find more flavors one.

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Top quality cannabis is found here, folks! Filled my room with pungent smell as soon as I opened the box! Loved the ambiance created.

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Harmony Farms is simply d best of all brands I have decided to patronize. they stand out and offer their services without stress. I luv d fact that they utilize cutting-edge technology, as well as natural and organic techniques. all their products so far has been high quality

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The best

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A brand with High standards

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I love their organic techniques

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Awesome brand. Thumbs up!

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