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Hazeman Seeds was established in early 2000 after the founder gained vast knowledge and expertise in the cultivation and breeding of cannabis seeds. Hazemans ideology is to produce cannabis seeds to ensure accessibility to good strains.

This breeder was named Hazeman after experimenting with Haze, one of the first cannabis strains the companies started. Hazeman combines expertise with passion to deliver the best quality products. A wide selection of this company's product is available at the Attitude Seedbank.

Hazeman Seeds Benefits

Low-cost seeds: Hazeman delivers cannabis strains at a very affordable price; this makes it a perfect choice for growers who are working with a tight budget.

Top-quality cannabis strains: Hazeman is a well-established seed bank that is known for offering top-quality strains. These strains have been cultivated carefully to ensure quality.

Wide variety of stains: Hazeman Seeds sells a wide variety of high-quality cannabis strains like Black Russian, Cheese BX1, Breakout, Elephant Stomper, White Grapes, etc.

Strong reputation: The brand's reputation is built based on its aim to provide great cannabis strains for affordable prices, making sure that everyone has access to the best quality strains.

High germination rate: This unique benefit sets Hazeman apart. When these seeds are grown, they germinate at a very high rate.

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The hazeman seeds The hash plant times 88HP All of them were males garbage Tired of Shitty genetics manifest seed destiny another bad one they have freebie triangle kush x Iraqi all males

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