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About Herban Extracts

Herban Extracts has been in operation in the city of Kenai since 2018, when the Alaskan Marijuana Control Board granted it a conditional license. Backed by science and a yearning to bring to the market products free of additives and chemicals, the company has been working on a range of concentrates using CO2 extraction technology for purity.

HE specializes in three product categories at the moment: Vape Cartridges, CO2 Oil, and Syringes/ Dablicators. The vape cartridges feature the CCell Ceramic Technology to stabilize the heating of the atomizer for uniform heat distribution. With no combustion involved, the quality of the final product is much better. The syringes are pre-measured for accuracy, and a simple turn until you hear a click will deliver 50 mg of oil to ensure the right dosage. The company also deals in CO2 extracted oil.

Though HE was only founded in 2018, its products are developed out of science that has been researched for decades.

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