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Herbstrong CBD

About Herbstrong CBD

Herbstrong CBD is a cannabis company that has a fierce focus on healthy living and fitness recovery. This brand is based out of Santa Ana in California. Their products are aimed to assist athletes and people who frequently engage in sports or exercise.

This popular brand was founded by two health-conscious, fitness-loving people called Maritzajean Bachman and Sawyer Sweetman. The founders had a passion for natural remedies and decided to develop a natural, organic solution for people who live an active lifestyle.

Why Choose Herbstrong CBD

Organic and vegan ingredients only. To make the products enjoyable and accessible for athletes and the general public, Herbstrong CBD uses both organic and vegan ingredients for production.

No artificial flavourings. The Herbsrong CBD oils contain no artificial flavourings of any kind. They are also tested for potency and are free of pesticides and contaminants.

Locally grown hemp. The hemp used by Herbstrong is all grown locally in the United States. It is primarily used for recovery related to fitness and by gym enthusiasts and athletes.

Frequent discounts. On the website, visitors can find special deals such as flash sales often. These are limited-time offers that also arrive to the email of signed up customers.

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User Reviews

  1. Polly

    I used the catridge from this brand. It was just unbelievable. I have never expereince such a nice feeling before using other brands. I am sure they only choose the best manufacturers.

  2. Piper

    I heard about Herbstrong CBD from my neighbor and I had to try the CBD range. I enjoyed with my girl gang - made us feel special, loved, radiant faces everywhere! A must try!

  3. Jerry

    The pet care range is commendable. The products help your pets relax, eat ad enjoy themselves - bought them for my retriever and he is very happya nd showed no side effects!

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