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About Honu Inc.

Honu Inc. is an award-winning producer and processor who manufactures and sells cannabis products in Washington State. This is an i502 licensed family-owned business with seat in the Spokane area. The headquarters include a big tier 3 cannabis processing facility. As a result of their dedication and high quality, Honu Inc offers a full line of award-winning products such as vapes, topical, concentrates, edibles, and flowers.

Why Choose Honu Inc.

Award-winning brand. Honu Inc. is a brand that has won several awards for their high quality products since the company’s establishment.

Variety of cannabis products offered. On this site and in Washington dispensaries, you can find a variety of Honu products that include vapes, concentrates, topical, edibles, flowers, and prerolls.

Third-party lab tested products. To ensure the consistent quality that this brand offers, they send all of their cannabis to be third-party lab tested at reputable laboratories in Washington.

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Who tried Honus flowers? As for me, its not a bad product. It has a good and pleasant effect. I dont know what to expect more from this product. But I also want to tell that its concentrates I like more

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Its prerolls are so nice. Adore them. Honu brand produces great products for such fans of cannabis as I am. Everything I have tasted was nice. Now I believe that they test everything a few time in different lab to create the most perfect product.

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I like sweets especially when sweets can make you funny. Honus sweets made me to love them from the first bite. My favorites are peanut butter cups and chocolate caramels. They are just yummy, yummy) you should also try them

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Edna D.

One among favorite cannabis is the Honus cannabis. It can free my mind and I feel something great. I think its cool to know the ways to such feelings. This Honu company creates really nice products. Now I want to try some of its edibles.

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Such tasty products I havent tried before! I think they are amazing

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Giff G.

Great quality of cannabis. Im feeling awesome after using the products of Honu.

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Their vape pens are awesome! These products hits smooth and works well. I recommend it.

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These are excellent for me!

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Im loving it so far

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OMG! This might be the best brand yet! Ordered their products and it arrived fast. So far, its perfect for on the go and has variety of great flavors too. I think it will last a long time, great buy!

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Ronald W.

Stumbled upon one of their vape products and decided to buy it. So far, Im loving it. It is easy to use and it feels relaxing. The banana flavor was especially great! So amazing, I recommend getting one of these.

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Decided to try one of their vape pens and it tastes good! It also relaxes me.

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Flavors are great! Love it!

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Oh my God! The prerolls I got from this company is mind-blowing. They have gat a blend of natural organic strains. I took this prerolls with me to a dinner party and i had the best fun. This preroll lightens up my mood anytime I am down. It also comes in a convenient pack that makes you carry about with ease.

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Quan Deck

I love this company and the product they deliver. I’v been looking for where to get the best quality vapes until my friend told me about Honu.Inc. I placed my order and product got delivered without any hassle. I have been using this vape for a while now and I feel very much satisfied

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Mila J

you know what! I love the flavors of the edible, very awesome

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Charlie Brown

I LOVE the peanut butter cups. They are perfect in flavor and texture. I want a 2nd for the flavor, but stay with 1 for the effect-- just right!

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I got my products delivered to me on time without any stress

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After consuming their edibles, I felt so relieved and calm

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It is a slow process and I don’t really like that

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I love their products

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